About the American Democracy Legal Fund

Founded in 2014, the American Democracy Legal Fund (ADLF) is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting accountability and ethics in government and campaigns by shining a light on public officials and candidates who put their own interests ahead of public service.

Americans are often frustrated with a political system they feel doesn’t work for them and with public officials who use the powers entrusted to them to get ahead themselves. At ADLF, we believe that government, with the right checks and balances, can play a positive role in Americans’ lives — but for that to happen, those running for office who abuse their power must be held accountable.

That’s why ADLF pursues ethical conduct and accountability from U.S. leaders via legal action including:

Ethics complaints,

Federal Election Commission complaints,

Requests for investigation by local, state, and federal agencies,

and other legal strategies.

Comprised of a group of lawyers, researchers, and citizens, ADLF thoroughly investigates and takes legal action when ethics issues arise. By highlighting abuses, we hope to change officials’ behavior and encourage those running for public office to work for the benefit of the people.Together, we can ensure accountability, change our system for the better, and restore America’s faith in public officials.