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ADLF Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Jim Renacci for Using Taxpayer Resources for Senate Campaign

ADLF Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Jim Renacci for Using Taxpayer Resources for Senate Campaign

The American Democracy Legal Fund has filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Jim Renacci for repeatedly using taxpayer-funded U.S. House of Representatives resources for his campaign for Senate.

Renacci has repeatedly used official U.S. House resources for prohibited political purposes including filming multiple campaign communications in House space, and improperly supplementing his official office with campaign funds by using campaign social media accounts to promote his official activities, both during his campaigns for Senate and previously when he was running for Governor of Ohio.

“From filming campaign videos on taxpayer property to promoting his official work through his campaign, Congressman Jim Renacci has knowingly and blatantly violated House Ethics Rules and Federal law,” said ADLF spokesperson Brad Woodhouse.  “This is clear evidence of his disregard for ethical standards that Ohioans expect from their elected officials, and the Office of Congressional Ethics should immediately launch an investigation.”

Read the full complaint here.