Holding Leaders Accountable


Shining a light on corruption by public officials and candidates who put their own interests ahead of public service.


Fighting Corruption

When those in power abuse their position through dishonest or fraudulent conduct, we seek legal remedies at the state and national levels.

Demanding Accountability

To ensure the strength of our democracy, elected officials must be accountable to the people they represent. We make sure they have to answer for their actions.


We carefully investigate ethical and legal violations by politicians at all levels and bring wrongdoing to public light.

“Russell Fagg is running a shadow campaign, breaking federal election law, and violating Montana’s judicial ethical guidelines.”

The American Democracy Legal Fund has filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against Judge Russell Fagg for multiple violations of campaign finance law, including engaging in extensive campaign activities for U.S. Senate in Montana without filing as a candidate for any office.

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  • ADLF Calls for Ethics Investigation into Rep. Ralph Abraham for Blatant Misuse of House Resources

    The American Democracy Legal Fund filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Ralph Abraham with the Office of Congressional Ethics today. Since he announced his run for Governor of Louisiana, Abraham’s congressional website has posted at least twenty news articles covering his campaign for Governor. The articles Abraham published on his taxpayer-funded website were highly political. […]

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  • ADLF Files Legal Complaint Against Hawley For Misuse of Public Funds

    ADLF Files Legal Complaint Against Hawley For Misuse of Public Funds The American Democracy Legal Fund has filed a legal complaint against Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley for his misuse of taxpayer resources to further his political career. The complaint asks the Missouri Secretary of State to investigate Hawley’s alleged outsourcing of Attorney General business to two partisan political […]

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