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ADLF Files Complaints Against NRSC and NRCC for Selling Access to Official Staff

Today, the American Democracy Legal Fund filed complaints against the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee for selling access to events with Republican official staff in exchange for contributions. House and Senate Ethics rules directly prohibit official employees from campaigning in their official capacities, and prohibit the use of official resources for political purposes.

The complaints against the NRSC and NRCC detail the following unethical conduct:

  • The NRSC has recently circulated fundraising materials that offer donors access to “Republican Chiefs of Staff, Leadership staff, and Committee staff” in exchange for campaign contributions.  By misusing official staff for campaign purposes, the NRSC has flagrantly violated both federal law and the Senate Code of Official Conduct.
  • The NRCC solicited $5,000 contributions for its 218 Club Membership and in exchange, touted access to official staff, including “receptions with Chiefs of Staff, Leadership Staff & Committee Staff.” Official staff participating in political activity in their official capacities is prohibited and violates House Ethics rules.

“The NRSC and the NRCC have solicited campaign contributions in exchange for meetings and receptions with high-ranking Senate and House staffers. These attempts to trade access for dollars clearly violate Ethics rules prohibiting official staff from campaigning in their official capacity. The Office of Congressional Ethics and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics should immediately investigate these violations,” said Brad Woodhouse of ADLF.

The complaints are available here.