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ADLF Calls For SEC to Investigate Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney over Possible Criminal Conduct

The American Democracy Legal Fund is calling for a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into former White House Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney following a damning report spotlighting Mulvaney’s behind-closed-doors dump of between a quarter and a half million dollars worth of stocks while publicly downplaying coronavirus. The stock sale came just days after the departed White House official called coronavirus the media’s “hoax of the day.” 

ADLF President Brad Woodhouse released the following statement calling for the investigation:

“In early March, when the White House knew the coronavirus pandemic would become not just a major public health crisis but an economic one, Mick Mulvaney was saying one thing to the American public and another to his stockbroker. After calling COVID-19 a hoax, he dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stock, cashing in before the market tanked and illustrating that Mulvaney cannot be trusted to fulfill his oath of office or serve the American people. This blatant corruption must be investigated immediately by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Mulvaney should be dismissed from his envoyship before he has the opportunity to further abuse his power or line his pockets at our expense.”